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The Retford Clinic

Email and E referrals are the preferred route for referrals to The Retford Clinic although appointments and enquiries can be made by phone


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Patients with Private Medical Insurance

Please make sure that you have contacted your insurance company prior to your initial visit to gain their approval for the visit and any tests which may be required.

A GP Referral Letter will more than likely be required.

If you are insured we will require the name of your insurance company, policy or membership number and pre-authorisation number if you have one.

These details will then be used to process your account and your invoices will be sent directly to the insurance company concerned where you have a direct payment policy with them. Most insurance companies operate a system of direct payment nowadays but some may wish you to settle the bill yourself first and then claim the costs back from them. Check with your insurance company how they would like you to proceed before you come for your first consultation.

In order to speed up your claim please hand your completed claim form to the consultant for signature at your initial consultation. You should then forward the form to your insurer

Self-Funding/ Self Referring Patients

Most patients are referred via a GP and, indeed this is normally essential if you are claiming on a health insurance policy.

If you are self-funding, however, you may wish to refer yourself and will not need a letter from the GP.

The Retford Clinic is happy to accept referrals from Self-Funding/Referring Patients but would ask that you settle your invoice within 30 days of receiving the invoice.


Clinic Times

Clinic times for the Retford Clinic

0900 am - 0930 am

0900 am - 0930 am

Retford Clinic Address

Retford Hospital Outpatients,
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